Environmental Engineering Org, Inc.

'The World is Green and We have to respect it!


                   INTERGRATED SOLID  WASTE MANAGEMENT AND SOLAR ENERGY FOR THE U.S.A. ALSO FOREIGN COUNTRIES.                                                                                                                       

                                                  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Environmental Engineering Organization, Inc. is a privately held chicago based company formed to manage solid waste and reneweable energy. E.E.O.I provides customized designs and implementation of renewable energy, industrial technology, education and training, and waste recycling and water management infrastructure is the focus of this proposal. The development of renewable energy ia at the fore front of developed and developing countries agendas in terms of stimulating investments of oil reserves have countries researching for alternative energy costs. The projected decline of fossils fuels and the limitations of oil reserves have countries researching for alternative energy sources. This has led to renewable energy technology; such as, solar photovoltaic, wind turbines, geo-thermal energy, fuel cells, etc.and energy managment systems like energy storage batteries micro-grids, and prepaid electric meter systems. 

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  • " Mr. Carter has been a great mentor to me. I'm over joyed that he has asked me to join his team. I have learned a lot and I will be honored to accept this position. I've spoke t..."
    Christina Weaver
    Electrical Engineer
  • "Wind Turbulence,waste recycling, solar panels,biofuel he's the right man to take the world to the next phase. Mr. Carter and I have great working concepts. I'm thrilled to work ..."
    Nathan Bailey
    Agricultural Engineer

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